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RHI Magnesita N.V. is a global leading supplier of refractory products, systems and services. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange and is a constituent of the FTSE 250 Index.

A General Labourer that works at RHI wrote in February 2020 for Indeed: "Management is virtually non-existent and has no sense of direction. They really like to have meetings with each other in the board room to seemingly try to brainstorm ideas to fix the many issues in the plant, but they never really seem to ever do anything about it except make life an absolute nightmare for the production employees on the floor. The constant production schedule changes and everything else just compounds the problems here. The favoritism here is terrible, there are several people who can do absolutely nothing and nothing ever gets done to correct the behavior."


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Manager of the center (Former Employee) says

"It is good company for trainning but it is hard to work there. But if you worked there it will give you high experience. It need benifits to work there"

Team member (Former Employee) says

"focus on the company policy and team work.moreover coordinated effort and with good advancement as a part of the job.see the rest in the core work and policy."

Division Director (Former Employee) says

"The SE region offers a very cut throat and non family friendly environment. There are unethical business practices here and leadership is swayed by personal relationship versus business relationships - you are given leadership responsibilities but not allowed to utilize them."

Consultant (Former Employee) says

"A typical day at work could last up to 16 hours but only get paid for 12. you may work for months at a time without any time off or you may sit around in the shop doing nothing. Only pays when you are out on job's"

Responsable de Operadores (Former Employee) says

"Lugar con oportunidad de aprendizaje y adquisición de experiencia. Aprendes a tratar con el resto de departamentos y a comunicarte efectivamente con altos mandos.Áreas de aprendizajePrestaciones limitadas"

Sr. Manager/Director (contract) says

"it is staffing agency and OK in finding work. Did find the skill match but not the industry. They need to ask questions and motivation is good indication of what the employee wants. They need to ask more questions on both end and not try to fill in a positionunion experienceBad managers"

Élelmezésvezető (Former Employee) says

"Energikus munkahely, sok szabállyal és kötöttséggel de emberileg pozitív hozzáállással!Önállóság az intézményen belül.Államilag behatárolt lehetőségek!"

E marg says

"Disappointing service. Arranged a survey for my house 3 times, and no one bothered to show up. On 2 ocassions i got a curtesy call (within 30 minutes of the appointment beeing due to take place), but the 3rd time they didn't even done that."

david millard says

"salesman called quoted over £15k for heat pump only for CH, no technical knowledge or survey, this made me suspicious. ridiculous claims over 90% saving on oil heating . mentioned additional RHI monitor payment but "forgot " to mention charges made by Mitsubishi. Local heating company quote less than £10k including new DHW tank. He fell over when i told him renewafuel quote and claims made. Make your own mind up !!!"

Nic Cunliffe says

"Complete waste of time. I wish to get a quote for a heat pump and do not need my wife present. To be told "...obviously, as I said to you..your wife needs to be present..." is both patronising and insulting. I run a multi-million £ organisation and do not need to be treated as a 5 year old."

Mikey G says

"Very quick and pushy to get the deposit on the day, however, it's been A MONTH(!) and we're still waiting to receive our deposit back despite SEVERAL emails/phone calls. Disgraceful. Trading Standards informed. Updated on 29th December 12:40: Isn't it interesting how you can be ignored by Renewafuel and not receive a single answer to your emails for 20 (TWENTY) days, and then get a reply within less than 12 HOURS of leaving negative feedback on Trustpilot. Here's an excerpt from an email from Peter Ryalls from Renewafuel dated 29/12/2019 at 11:05: "I will sort this first thing tomorrow, but, in the meantime, Please can you reconsider your feedback that you have left on Trustpilot as like I said, it’s with the installation team and NOT RENEWAFUEL sales team." When I replied that my contract was with Renewafuel, not some "installation team", I got more horse manure from Mr. Ryalls: "I will get this confirmed and sorted on Thursday, as I know the department is back open. If you can please reconsider the feedback before then, then that would be ideal." So which is it then, tomorrow (Monday) or Thursday? Just so you know where their priorities lie; no apologies, no solutions, just finger-pointing and no actual care about the client. I'm having a bit of a deja vu as I remember receiving an email from Peter Ryalls on 9th December 2019 saying: "I will deal with this first thing tomorrow." I can provide copies of emails if anyone is interested. Pathetic... Updated on 10/01/2020: Finally, the deposit was returned on 2nd January 2020."

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